Pubdate: Fri, 25 Jan 2008
Source: Bismarck Tribune (ND)
Copyright: 2008 The Bismarck Tribune
Author: Allan Erickson


Jeanette McDougal's letter (on hemp) would be funny if it weren't so insulting.

Her prohibitionist stance declares that North Dakota's  farmers are 
falling prey to the vile manipulations of  the insidious 
"legalization movement." But McDougal's  letter fails to offer any 
facts countering the  legitimate claims of farmers who can literally 
watch  their Canadian neighbors growing hemp and selling their  harvest.

McDougal won't counter the benefits of hemp. She can't  argue against 
it being effective against root  nematodes, that it requires less (to 
no) herbicide and  pesticide use (cost factors) and that almost all 
parts  of the plant have a use (seeds, leaves and stalks). She  can't 
say that all those hippies eager to weather North  Dakota's mild 
winters will overrun the state trying to  hide their pot crops amidst 
the hemp fields because  cross pollination would ruin any quality 
marijuana. She  can't argue that the plant doesn't have a solid and 
proud place in our country's agricultural history.

All McDougal and her prohibitionist organizations can  do is wave the 
red flag of fear and misinformation. I  contend the market should be 
the arbiter of a crop's  worth and that North Dakota's farmers should 
have free  and unfettered access to the marketplace for any 
crop  they wish to invest their sweat and time in producing.  That is 
the essence of liberty in a nation built upon  the farmers' bounty and toil.

Prohibition is antithetical to freedom.


Eugene, Ore.
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