Pubdate: Wed, 26 Nov 2008
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2008 Summit Daily News
Author: Stan White


The United States uses corn for ethanol because hemp is illegal. Hemp was
made illegal due to a greedy component of capitalism combined with
ignorance. Hemp prohibition is grave and dysfunctional, affecting world
improvement, as Dennis Newman (Letter: "Change needed on ethanol," Nov. 13,
2008), exposes. Instead of embracing hemp for what it is; a God-awesome
creation, America's leaders strive to exterminate it. Before greedy ignoids
conspired to prohibit hemp, it was referred to as the billion-dollar crop,
when the B-word wasn't thrown around so loosely.

America has had the technology to build and fuel cars using hemp since
the 1930s. A sane argument to perpetuate prohibiting free American
farmers from utilizing the plant doesn't exist. Some estimates
indicate using 10 percent of America's farmland to cultivate hemp
would eliminate any need for foreign petroleum. Discussion of
alternative fuels without mentioning hemp is foolish and any and all
research into hemp's history backs it up. And that's just for fuel;
hemp is equally beneficial for feeding people who are starving to death.

America's future political atmosphere may be more conducive to
changing hemp's status as a Schedule I drug along side heroin and LSD.
Americans must work hard the next few years to re-establish hemp as a
component of American agriculture. In fact, environmentally
conscientious Americans must fight harder than big oil and other mega
corporations which profit immensely off hemp prohibition and spend
huge fortunes to guarantee its existence.

For decades, government deceived Americans into accepting hemp and
cannabis prohibition, and it's destroying the entire world. Young
people can Google and find enough information to make an intelligent
person angry. It's time for people to use that anger to force
political leaders to end a ridiculous prohibition that should have
never been started.

Because hemp prohibition is anti-American and it's shucking the

Stan White Dillon

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