Pubdate: Fri, 05 Dec 2008
Source: Metrowest Daily News (MA)
Copyright: 2008 MetroWest Daily News
Author: Stan  White


As a Christian American who helped pass Question 2, I strongly
disagree  with William G. Brooks III's assertion ("How weed was
decriminalized," Nov. 30) citizens are "left with a law that makes no
sense." Caging responsible adults for using the relatively safe
God-given plant cannabis (marijuana) is what makes  no sense; in fact
it's ignorant and luciferous.

It does only decriminalize small amounts; a compacted ounce equals
about 2 packs of cigarettes. Brooks' concept of its value is
conveniently dictated by black market influences which law enforcement
agencies and their unions help create; its honest value in a regulated
society could be less than $100. Fact is, law enforcement officers
still don't get it. Nationally, responsible cannabis users are through
being discriminated against for choosing cannabis instead of beer,
wine or whiskey and through being forced into "treatment" in  order to
avoid being caged. Cannabis prohibition is the "mess," not passage of 
Question 2, and citizens are fixing this mess the best way  possible.

Stan White
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