Pubdate: Sat, 13 Dec 2008
Source: Maple Ridge Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Lower Mainland Publishing Group Inc
Author: Stan White



As a Christ, I ask if William Walker Perry (Accused dealer a wacky
defendant, TIMES, Dec. 5, 2008) harmed anyone? Caging humans for using
the God-given plant cannabis is immoral and luciferous. Christ God our
father, created cannabis for, among other things, the survival of man,
the healing of the nations, to be used like wine, farmed for useful
products etc. Since the ecologician indicates he created all the
seed-bearing plants saying they are all good on literally the very
first page of the Bible, the desire to prohibit, persecute and
exterminate the plant and its users is the work of the devil.

It is time to expose the work of the devil and time to accept our
heavenly father's blessed gift. What kind of government cages humans
for using what God says is good? Free William Walker Perry and correct
your immoral law.

Stan White

Dillon, Colorado
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