Pubdate: Fri, 19 Dec 2008
Source: Herald-Sun, The (Durham, NC)
Copyright: 2008 The Herald-Sun
Author: Robert Sartori
Note: The writer is an inmate at the Warren Correctional Facility.


In his Dec. 5 letter, Robert Porreca commented on Larry Bumgardner's article
about prison searches. Porreca told him to file a complaint and get the ACLU
to sue the Department of Correction. Good luck is all I can say to that.

Second, Porreca says that if Bumgardner has knowledge of prison staff
breaking the law by smuggling drugs or other activities, he should
report it to the authorities. If Porreca were running the DOC, he says
he would have an investigator at Bumgardner's door as soon as
possible. I've been an inmate for 12 1/2 years and have watched
officer after officer get busted with drugs, only to be fired with no
criminal charges. I've seen inmates die with it completely covered up.
I've been from Central Prison to all close custody prisons and have
seen cover up after cover up.

Just recently, an officer got busted with four ounces of marijuana and
three cell phones. He did go to jail, but the final outcome has yet to
be seen.

The public doesn't see the corruption covered up in this place daily.
The money they make on disciplinary write-ups, collect phone calls,
etc. is like an excessive hidden tax.

Porreca says if he was director he would have immediate investigation.
That's why Porreca will never be a director in DOC, because they don't
want these things in the public eye. It's not good policy.

The problem is the public isn't involved with what goes on in the
system even when they're taking your money. Wake up people, it's your
money, your excessive taxes.

Robert Sartori


The writer is an inmate at the Warren Correctional Facility.
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