Pubdate: Thu, 28 Feb 2008
Source: Daily Targum (Rutgers, NJ Edu)
Copyright: 2008 Daily Targum
Author: Greg Francisco


Kudos on your outstanding Feb. 26 editorial "End the War on Drugs."
The issue of drugs is a serious problem that demands serious
solutions. But the fact that drug abuse is bad does not automatically
lead to the conclusion that the war on drugs must be good.

Prohibition is the cure that is worse than the disease. When our
grandparents wisely abandoned Prohibition it wasn't because they
decided that drugs weren't so dangerous after all. They simply had the
courage and integrity to face the truth. Prohibition was making the
problem worse.

Do we still have problems today with alcohol? Obviously we do. Are
they as bad as the problems faced when Prohibition was the law of the
land? Obviously they are not. The only thing more dangerous than
ending Prohibition is to continue the status quo of it.

Greg Francisco

Greg Francisco is an MA at Western Michigan University. He lives in
Paw Paw, MI. 
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