Pubdate: Sun, 9 Mar 2008
Source: Daily Telegram, The (Adrain, MI)
Copyright: 2008 GateHouse Media, Inc.
Author: Jan Fry


To the editor,

In response to the March 5 editorial regarding medical marijuana use
as a state issue, the editor's advice that "despite sympathy for the
ill, they (voters) should just say no" is as cruel as it sounds.
Hopefully those words alone set a tone of skepticism for the words to
follow, with most readers.

Yes, federal law prohibits marijuana use and, yes, Michigan's
prospective law would have no more effect than local ordinances
already on the books, but those are not reasons to vote no. Just the
opposite, they are reasons to vote yes and get the federal government
to reassess their stance.

Labeling a "yes" vote futile is not a reason to vote

The fact that legal use of drugs in America requires approval by the
FDA is not a reason to vote "no." If the Drug Enforcement Agency is
misguided in not allowing the FDA to conduct cannabis research trials,
let's show them the need.

If the medical marijuana issue does end up on Michigan's state ballot,
it will matter. Its approval is a way for federal officials to feel
the heat. Turn the heat up and vote "yes."

Jan Fry

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