Pubdate: Sun, 30 Mar 2008
Source: Kalamazoo Gazette (MI)
Copyright: 2008 Kalamazoo Gazette
Author: Guinevere A. Barr


I am a church-going American with Midwestern family values. As a 
hobbyist, I have studied herbal medicine for 13 years. As a 
professional, I am a forester, with a strong background in the 
dynamic relationships between plants and animals in nature.

I believe I was formed by a loving creator who planned out every cell 
in my body and yours. This creator gave me cannabinoid receptors 
throughout my mammalian body. They were specially designed to receive 
cannabinoids from the cannabis (marijuana) plant. There is no other 
reason for them to exist. They are strongest in the brain, the immune 
system, and -- in women -- the uterus. When these receptors receive 
cannabinoids, they are soothed and healed.

It has already been proven countless times that marijuana can be used 
as a strong treatment for many ailments. Most recently, it has been 
shown that injecting THC (the potent chemical in marijuana) into 
inoperable brain tumors reduces their size. Do I believe that very 
sick people should have access to good medicine? Yes! Because I 
believe in human rights, not in suffering, entropy and unnecessary death.

Our creator created many good medicines for us. Salicylic acid 
(aspirin) was originally found in the bark from the willow 
(Salicaceae family) tree and then synthesized into the aspirin pill 
we all recognize and use today.

The willow tree and its medicine was given to us as a gift, and we 
recognized it and used it. Why can we not do the same with marijuana? 
Medical-grade marijuana is very carefully bred to not give people 
that stupid, silly "high" feeling, but to heal sick people. Just like 
breeding corn to produce the maximum amount of food, medical-grade 
marijuana is bred by specialists who grow it to produce the maximum 
amount of medicine.

What could possibly be a negative outcome from any of this?

I urge anyone who believes in human rights and/or a loving creator to 
vote yes for medical marijuana statewide.

Guinevere A. Barr

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