Pubdate: Sun, 6 Apr 2008
Source: Bay City Times, The (MI)
Copyright: 2008 The Bay City Times
Author: Adam Krause


Looks like voters here in Michigan will get a chance to voice their
opinions on this issue next November, thanks to some amazing
activists. Thank you to everybody who has helped out in this campaign.
I sure hope the voters take advantage of this golden opportunity to
help others and vote with compassion and common sense this coming fall.

If you have ever been close to someone with a terminal illness or
someone who is constantly in excruciating pain, you know how tough it
is for them to function and live life normally. Sometimes, the
medicine prescribed to them helps, other times it doesn't. But when a
seriously ill person finally finds a medication that works for them,
they should feel encouraged, not fearful of arrest.

Cannabis is clearly safer than most pain medications. It is a
non-toxic, natural, relatively benign substance that has been used for
centuries without problems. The only reason the FDA will not approve
cannabis as a medicine is simply because they will not make money off
of a plant that anybody can easily grow. They approve deadly
medications with serious side effects all the time. Therefore, it is
completely hypocritical to ban a substance that you cannot even
overdose from. Not to mention one that has undeniable medical benefits
and potential as a treatment for so many different ailments.

People who struggle with pain and disease should have the right to
choose what medicine they want. Let's not let politics, power and
profits get in the way of us helping people in need. Vote "yes" on
medical marijuana.

Adam Krause, Bay City