Pubdate: Wed, 16 Apr 2008
Source: Evening News, The (CN NS)
Copyright: The Evening News
Author: Russell Barth


To the editor,

Re: Learning to grow the right stuff

The problem with the Health Canada medical marijuana program is that 
it was designed specifically to fail. Leave it to the Canadian 
federal government to screw up something that even stoners can get right.

The reason PPS is having trouble growing good pot is because of 
Health Canada. They force PPS to grow it to their "standards": 
standards which have nothing at all to do with high-quality cannabis.

"...the use of therapeutic marijuana remains controversial to 
some...." Actually, the science on cannabis' efficacy is old and 
solid, and recent science out of Germany shows how cannabinoids 
stimulate the body's production of TIMP-1, which helps healthy cells 
resist cancer invasion.

This might explain why chronic pot smokers have lower - not higher - 
rates of cancer than tobacco smokers (as a recent California study 
showed). Cannabis also fights Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and MS - look it up.

The government and police say marijuana is dangerous, and we prove 
them liars by living longer and getting healthier. The police say 
that growing marijuana in a home is dangerous, but we prove them 
liars by growing the best pot in the world with no danger to the 
user, the home, or the community. So obviously, the real reason 
Health Canada doesn't want people using or even thinking about 
marijuana is because pot will make them healthier, and then people 
would use fewer Big Pharma products!

If the government were to actually research pot, they would find that 
it has even more medical benefits, disproving eight decades of 
anti-pot propaganda and absurdist policy-making. Then they can't 
justify a criminal prohibition, or the need for having so many cops 
around. The prohibition on marijuana was never about public safety, 
it was always about control.

Is it any wonder they are keen to shut the program down? It directly 
undermines their agenda!

Russell Barth

Nepean, Ont. Federal Medical Marijuana Licence Holder Patients 
Against Ignorance and Discrimination on Cannabis  (PAIDOC)
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