Pubdate: Mon, 21 Apr 2008
Source: Santa Maria Times (CA)
Copyright: 2008 Lee Central Coast Newspapers
Author: Gary Gall


I fully agree with a recent letter writer on the subject of marijuana.

The fight to reform marijuana laws will not be easy to win. Let's 
follow the money. Law enforcement and prisons will lose gobs of 
money. The pharmaceutical industry will have unhappy stockholders. 
The cotton industry and the pesticide industry won't be happy. Hemp 
is the strongest fiber known to man.

The paper industry won't be cutting trees. One acre of hemp is worth 
three acres of trees for paper. The oil companies sure don't want it. 
Hemp can be used to make gas and diesel and it is good for the soil.

The alcohol industry will not welcome a safer competition. Taxed and 
regulated adult marijuana will also be good for the children. The 
black market does not ask for IDs. Kids for years have said it is 
easier to get marijuana than alcohol.

Gary Gall


April 21, 2008
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