Pubdate: Wed, 23 Apr 2008
Source: Tuscola County Advertiser (Caro, MI)
Copyright: 2008 Michigan Media, a division of the Edwards Group
Author: Peter Christopher
Note: Title by MAP


Dear Editor,

I read with interest Mr. Sizemore's letter entitled 'I ran a drug
enforcement team,' 19 April 2008. America is ever so slowly waking up
to the folly of drug prohibition, especially marijuana, and may one
day come to know they have been propagandized into a $42B/year
"Blackwater" operation that is never supposed to end complete with
asset forfeiture, corruption, expanding prisons and drug testing.

It tears us apart as a country and we must fix it.

The internecine relationship of guns, money and drugs worldwide can
only be reined in through regulation and treatment.

Drug war industrial complex talking points are based on fear, gutter
science, and sometimes racism thrown in when necessary, like any war,
but this one is against ourselves.

I ask Mr. Sizemore to contact LEAP, Law Enforcement Against
Prohibition,, and have a visit with his colleagues and
discuss prohibition as law enforcement professionals and not drug war

Peter Christopher

Hurdle Mills, NC
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