Pubdate: Thu, 22 May 2008
Source: Muse, The (CN NF Edu)
Copyright: 2008 The Muse
Author: Russell Barth


As one of the top five most-published anti-prohibition letter writers
in the world (over 393 since Oct 2003), I can assure you we are not
getting our emails blocked for insincerity. Mine don't bounce at all.

Since the information we send is easily verified and widely available,
journalists are hard pressed to dispute what we say, which is why people at
the offices of someone who hasn't even got the testes to use his
real name when sending in a letter ("Stoners will flood your inbox", the
Muse Vol.58, Issue 24) must resort to name calling and fear-mongering.
Stoners: One, Prohibs: Zero.

The main thing that gets me about the pot issue is the

On one hand, prohibitionists and cops and so on get to repeatedly
spout out-dated and widely debunked balderdash as fact,and the public
just simply believes them. Anyone who dares question the cops gets
shouted down by the likes of xxkevinheaven.

We (the "stoners") show actual science, history, and fact, and produce
reams of documentation to back it. We stick our necks out by talking
about this publicly; we challenge un-checked authority, and try to
teach the public.

We are trying to make the world cleaner and peaceful and more
colourful for everyone, not just ourselves, and then WE get called
crazy, stupid, lazy, and evil.

Remember the article about homosexuals out west that caused all the
controversy? Remember the anti-Semitic views of a certain Native
leader that had him charged with hate crimes?

If such wild and inaccurate accusations were leveled at any other
group (Muslims, gays, the handicapped, etc.), there would be an outcry
and possibly even litigation.

Well, if xxkevinheaven had the guts to show his face and real name in
public, I could be willing to consider leveling similar charges
against him. He is, in my view, inciting hate and/or discrimination
against marijuana users, medical or otherwise. This is the kind of
hate-letter that gets people filing complaints with the Human Rights
Commission and so on.

Is it any wonder that newspapers across the country are being a lot
more careful about publishing the mad rants of uninformed

Russell Barth
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