Pubdate: Thu, 17 Jul 2008
Source: Peterborough Examiner, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2008 Osprey Media Group Inc.
Author: Charlie Gregory


It must have been a slow news day in the Peterborough area; nobody 
was killed, or shall I say murdered, by a drunk driver high on good 
old liquor. And I didn't see many deaths reported in the obituaries 
due to lung disease caused by tobacco. There was not a mention of 
those taken to the hospital who had been mildly poisoned by the 
ingredients in their fast food sandwiches, or felt a little dizzy 
after drinking an espresso coffee.

If I was a South Asian I might take the paper to court, or should 
that be Det. Const. Ernie Garbutt? The degree of stereotyping of 
these gentle folk is overwhelming.

Nowhere in the articles was there a mention of the numerous benefits 
of marijuana. Why is that? Are your readers aware that Health Canada 
supplies applications to those who wish to apply for a medical 
marijuana exemption, to grow marijuana for their maladies as well as 
others. This is a direct contradiction to some of the myths Sarah 
Deeth's articles deal with. She needs to do more research, speak to 
those who are suffering from maladies like, Parkinsons disease, 
epilepsy, chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, social 
anxiety disorder, alcoholism, AIDS and numerous other illnesses that 
Health Canada deems fit for us humans to treat with marijuana.

Yes, there is money being made by some growers, but my experience has 
shown me that by far, the vast majority of growers are good people, 
who have opted for a relaxant or medicine that does not kill you or 
make you sick. Please delve into the matter from another perspective.

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