Pubdate: Sun, 20 Jul 2008
Source: Metrowest Daily News (MA)
Copyright: 2008 MetroWest Daily News
Author: Michelle R. Peloquin


Are we really going to vote in November to make the punishment for
possession of marijuana a civil  infraction? My family and friends
would vote yes!

I think it should be legalized. I would fight very hard to legalize
it for people with medical problems. My  brother passed away June 4
from leukemia. He had it for 18 months and he smoked pot. After his
first round of  chemo, he lost a lot of weight.He went back to the 
hospital for his second round of chemo.They estimated how much weight
he would have gained at home and had his chemo already mixed for him.
They had to redo his mixer because he had gained a lot more weight
than they  had estimated.

Chemo takes such a toll on the body that he would have gotten much
sicker without the weight gain.

I illegally bought pot for him. Even if I been caught, I would have
done it again and again for my brother.

I respect the laws but not this one.

His doctors knew he smoked pot. They told him that if  it was legal
they would tell their more patients to smoke it.

I know people in executive job positions who smoke pot. Their
co-workers would never suspect that they smoke pot due to the fact
they could lose their jobs if  anyone knew. That's why people hide it.
They should not  be punished harshly for something they do in their
own  home and are not selling it to kids.

Michelle R. Peloquin
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