Pubdate: Tue, 22 Jul 2008
Source: Terrace Standard (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Terrace Standard
Author: Grant Cluff


Dear Sir:

I am a former Terrace resident and teacher who takes exception to the
cavalier treat Mr. Larry Tallon has been receiving. Mr. Tallon has a
federal licence to use marijuana for medicinal purposes yet he faces
charges for growing marijuana. Like Mr. Tallon, I am also a government
exemptee. I use the produce for multiple sclerosis.

The lumping together of marijuana with any kind of dangerous drug is
just plain silly. It's a herb, and a product of this earth that makes
people who feel lousy, feel better. It is not some "white powder".
People with AIDS, multiple sclerosis, cancer and all kinds of painful
conditions, find relief in the smoke.

Our health care system is in crisis. Doctors are overworked, our
hospitals are straining at the seams and the smart bombs they offer
often do more damage than good. Yet we continue to ignore a benign
medicine that does work, a medicine that can be grown by almost
anyone. Where is the threat to the public well being? Why is it that
that the very plant that can bring you relief, also takes you to the
other side of the law.

I'm on the other side of 60 and do not have the time to wait for the
laws to change. Nor do many of us. I have to take charge of my health
and so do you.

Grant Cluff,
Calgary, Alberta
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