Pubdate: Mon, 11 Aug 2008
Source: Washington Post (DC)
Page: A14
Copyright: 2008 The Washington Post Company
Author: Howard J. Wooldridge


Before I retired as a police officer, I participated in drug raids in 
which I momentarily pointed my gun at 9-year-olds as well as dogs. 
The death of the Berwyn Heights mayor's dogs [Metro, July 31], the 
loss of a missionary shot down over Colombia in 2001, innocent 
pedestrians killed when drug dealers open up on each other -- these 
tragedies are simply the collateral damage that is necessary for 
Maryland to remain drug-free.

As much as Prince George's County Sheriff Michael Jackson should be 
embarrassed ["Shoot First, Ask Later," editorial, Aug. 7], so should 
The Post, since it supports the current drug control strategy of 
prohibition. This strategy caused the death of the two dogs, not 
marijuana. And oh, we are drug-free in Maryland, aren't we?

Howard J. Wooldridge 54


The writer is an education specialist with Law Enforcement Against 
Prohibition, which favors the legalization and regulation of all drugs. 
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