Pubdate: Tue, 12 Aug 2008
Source: Prince George Citizen (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Prince George Citizen
Author: Mike Hawryluk


I talk to many people daily from different walks of life while running
my small business. I have never spoken with anyone who wants to build
more shelters for the homeless or help the drug trade to flourish.

Work gangs have been mentioned many times and is a very attractive
cure in my opinion.

The CBC did a documentary on the homeless and came to the conclusion
(after one week) that the majority of them simply did not want to work
even when handed a good job. I feel that we are responsible to those
who have mental problems only. If the problems are caused by drugs, we
have no obligation at all. I see no reason why the public should work
and pay taxes in order to hand these burdens to society even a small
piece of change. I am tired of having these scum riding up to me on a
stolen bike and asking me for my money.

The cure is simple: make them work, make them pay their own way.
Supply them only with the work and the transportation to do the job.
Back to the workhouse at night. The manpower to run this would be
minimal and the overall cost would be nowhere near the cost of this
new building going up on Queensway.

I have spoken with some who suggest legalizing all drugs and
prostitution. The pharmacies could handle them all and if you want to
be a crackhead you can be; the money will go to the province instead
of the bikers and the drug dealers will be out of work.

Those who feel we are obligated to help should billet a few into their
homes for a while and they can do the job they are insisting that we
all do. I'm willing to bet the feeling of obligation would vanish quickly.

The major problem is that governments do not ask the people what we
want to do about it. Governments make their own decision and that is
where this society fails us. It should be up to every citizen in this
city what is to be done rather than have a few elected officials make
the decision for us.

We cannot be heard without referendum but the rhetoric is always: a
referendum costs too much. Not nearly as much as the Backpacker Motel
and the old liquor store cost us. A real democracy would have it cured
by now.

Mike Hawryluk

Prince George
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