Pubdate: Wed, 03 Sep 2008
Source: Telegraph-Journal (Saint John, CN NK)
Copyright: 2008 Brunswick News Inc.
Author: Russell Barth


Re: City police crave a fix for addicts (Sept. 1). Until the 
government starts offering real help, one step towards a better life 
would be free drug clinics.

Apply for a Section 56 exemption from Health Canada, and immediately 
open a clinic in every neighbourhood with a drug problem.

Hire a pharmaceutical company to provide thousands of doses of 
cocaine, heroin, meth, and their substitute drugs. When made by 
professional labs, this stuff is clean, dose-regulated, and about as 
cheap as aspirin.

Hire nurses to dispense the drugs and offer counselling. Needles, 
pipes, or drugs will never leave the premises.

Inform all the addicts that they now have a safe alternative to 
street drugs, and a sure fix.

Legalize and regulate marijuana, and use the $3 billion in annual tax 
revenue to pay for the program.

The addicts will have a safe alternative to creepy, predatory street 
dealers. They will be using clean medications, will be off the needle 
and pipe and onto oral doses, then onto recovery. They won't have to 
panhandle, rob, prostitute, deal, and mug people giving them more 
time to work on sobriety, health, hygiene, employment, and 
re-integration into society.

Dealers will have no customers, and the crack houses will go out of business!

This plan doesn't address the badly needed (and wildly expensive) 
issues of rehab beds and ongoing out-patient services and support.

But this plan would dramatically reduce crime, disease, cost, danger, 
and death and do so at a fraction of currently projected costs.


Federally licensed medical marijuana user Patients Against Ignorance 
and Discrimination on Cannabis (PAIDOC)
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