Pubdate: Fri, 29 Aug 2008
Source: London Free Press (CN ON)
Copyright: 2008 The London Free Press
Author: Michael Storey


Dear Sir (or) Madam:

Canadians are being denied access to cannabis hemp (marijuana), a 
simple herb that can cure diseases, because it is considered a 
controlled substance and those growing, processing and using it are 
subject to prosecution under the laws of Canada. Concerned, 
compassionate individuals are forced to resort to illegal means to 
provide this non-toxic, non-addictive, inexpensive herbal medicine.

Canadians are being denied this alternative to the noxious chemicals 
used in chemotherapy or to radiation. The public and law enforcement 
agencies focus on the recreational use of marijuana. Clinical trials 
have not been undertaken in Canada to support the efficacy of THC as 
a medicine and to develop standard means of delivery.

I feel that denying Canadians the right to treatment to cure disease, 
prolong life or ease pain and suffering is unconstitutional and I 
urge the Canadian government to:

1. Recognize the results of worldwide research that has proved hemp 
to be non-toxic, non-addictive and effective in treating various 
diseases including specific cancers.

a. International research shows that THC initiates programmed cell 
death in malignant gliomas [cancerous brain tumours], melanomas, 
pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and may be an effective treatment 
for Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and 

(Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I, School of 
Biology, Complutense University, 28040 Madrid, Spain. Dr. Manuel 
Guzman, Nobel Prize Medicine, 2005, et al.) b. Other International 
research affirms the previous and also includes treatment for 
depression and substance abuse disorders, addictions, psychosis, 
mental disorders such as Tourette's syndrome, obsessive-compulsive 
disorder, pain management, inflammatory skin diseases and mammary 
carcinoma. (International Cannabinoid Research Society, 2006 
Symposium, Tihany, Hungary, and 2007 Symposium, St-Sauveur, QC 
Canada, J0R 1R3.) c. Professor L. Grinspoon, Professor Emeritus, 
Harvard School of Medicine, in the March 1, 2007 issue of the Boston 
Globe reported; "A new study in the journal Neurology is being hailed 
as unassailable proof that marijuana (cannabis hemp) is a valuable medicine".

1. Change the laws that are denying Canadians the right to an 
affordable, effective medicine without the serious side effects of 
the sometimes toxic or addictive pharmaceuticals.

2. Fund research to establish clinical trials in Canada to support 
the effectiveness of THC as a medicine and develop standard means of delivery.

3. As an unrelated, but important issue, consider the agricultural 
and industrial use of the hemp plant as a source of bio fuel.

Michael Storey,

Eastern Passage Nova Scotia
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