Pubdate: Wed, 24 Sep 2008
Source: Daily Free Press (Boston U, MA Edu)
Copyright: 2008 Back Bay Publishing, Inc.
Author: Allan Erickson


While I wholeheartedly commend the editorial board for their support
of "Question 2," I also am compelled to criticize the editorial ("No
'Question' about it", Sept. 22, p. 6).

Decriminalization is not the answer. Legalization is the answer.
Decriminalization makes no allowance for production and leaves the
growing and distribution of pot illegal.

Marijuana -- cannabis, sativa or indica -- is now our nation's No. 1
agricultural crop by price, worth an estimated $36 billion annually.
It inflates the price of the highest-quality marijuana to the point it
is nearly worth its weight in gold. Currently, under prohibition, the
lion's share of that money goes to criminals and their

Legalization on the other hand would remove the production and
distribution from the hands of thugs, gangs and cartels. If we really
want to take the crime out of drugs, we have only the option of

Allan Erickson

Drug Policy Forum of Oregon

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
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