Pubdate: Tue, 30 Sep 2008
Source: Ubyssey (CN BC Edu)
Author: John Shavluk

The Ubyssey Is Good; NDP Are Bad

As someone who worked my way all the way up to the federal NDP
executive and then ran for president of the party.then to just quit as
I sensed real truth and an actual quality from Elizabeth May and then
have the forces I have fought for 17 years scare her with lies into
getting rid of me.yes over comments I didn't even make. well I want to
thank you for this editorial.

It's smack on!

There certainly was no real reason to remove Kirk, even to
conservatives, even if we forget Larsen.

LSD doesn't have a political party and Larsen's tapes didn't help the
cannabis movement, but that aside, he hid zero.

Layton may not have had a deal with Emery, but he certainly had one
with me as a NDP member and as the one who got the first NDP cannabis
resolution for their 2006 Quebec City convention.

I am now running as an independent to further the issue and to remove
the blatant anti-Semitic label imposed on me by as it turns out Harper
himself with Layton's eager assist I think.


John Shavluk

Independent candidate for Newton-North Delta riding
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