Pubdate: Wed, 08 Oct 2008
Source: Express (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Kootenay Express Communication
Author: Ellis Worthington


The Holy Smoke Four are contributing members of society and have
consistently helped the Nelson community in so many different ways. 
i.e. Beards For Bread, frequent door prize contributions, Co-op Radio,
etc. Cannabis tolerance is vital to Nelson's thriving tourism industry.

How can we prohibit a sacred plant that has been safely used by
mankind for thousands of years? Cannabis is food, medicine, sacrament,
fuel, fibre, textile, soap, plastic, concrete, inspiration, etc.  It
is the most useful plant in the world and can help solve this
environmental crisis because it's one of the best renewable resources
there is.

If the Holy Smoke Four are sentenced to jail, it shows a complete lack
of priorities in the justice system.  Instead of sending the Holy
Smoke Four to jail, I suggest sentencing them to community service
because they performed a vital community service by selling sacred
plants in their church and separated the black market for sacred
plants from the black market for dangerous drugs like pills, heroin or
crystal meth. The Holy Smoke was breaking an outdated law, but they
never hurt anyone.

Ellis Worthington

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