Pubdate: Tue, 28 Oct 2008
Source: North Island Gazette (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Black Press
Author: Russell Barth


Dear editor,

In response to Keisha Korhonen's letter: marijuana laced with crystal
meth or cocaine is an urban myth, and the police have even admitted

The chemicals that are found in street pot is not added to it, it is
simply left there by lazy, greedy and stupid growers. These
contaminants consist of bug spray, bug carcasses, bug feces, mould
(dead and alive), fungicide and grow chemicals that are not flushed
out of the plant during the final stages of its flowering cycle.

In tobacco, tar is caused by burning, and nicotine is in the plant
naturally (although more is added). Adding ammonia and formaldehyde to
marijuana would be pointless, like putting a drop of kerosene into
your beer.

As for trusting the government to grow pot for us, we need look no
further than Health Canada's fourth-rate shwagg that they sell at a
1500 per cent markup to some of the sickest and poorest people in
Canada, while insisting it is actually high-quality. Their own testing
shows it is weak and has mould on it.

What is needed is to have 'certified organic' labels on
commercially-grown marijuana, and force commercial growers to adhere
to the regulations. These organic growing techniques are easily found
online or in books, but Health Canada will not even listen. Leave it
to the federal government to screw up something that even stoners can
get right.

Russell Barth

Nepean, ON
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