Pubdate: Sun, 2 Nov 2008
Source: Saginaw News (MI)
Copyright: 2008 The Saginaw News
Author: Bob Wood


Editor, The News:

I'm deeply saddened to read that The Saginaw News has apparently 
bought the lies being spread by Proposal 1's opposition hook, line, 
and sinker ("Levin, yes; proposals, no," 10/24).

The editors even go so far as to use the same language that these 
misguided critics have deployed. Let's be perfectly clear: Proposal 1 
forbids medical marijuana dispensaries -- or so-called "pot shops" -- 
and it forbids the sale of medical marijuana in any fashion. Proposal 
1 is nothing like California's law, despite the best efforts of Bill 
Schuette and others to invoke it as a scare tactic.

No one is going to "turn their back" on Michigan if voters approve 
protecting cancer patients from arrest for using their 
doctor-recommended medicine. These laws are up and in effect in 12 
states, and the sky has not fallen anywhere. Even in California -- 
which was the first and has the most loosely worded law -- teen use 
of marijuana has fallen since its passage.

The fact is that these are wildly popular and largely 
non-controversial laws, and Proposal 1 will do exactly what it sets 
out to do: Provide a measure of relief to our friends, family, and 
neighbors stricken by horrible illness. It deserves voters' support. 
Vote yes on Proposal 1.

Bob Wood

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