Pubdate: Wed, 15 Apr 2009
Source: Victoria Star, The (CN NK)
Copyright: 2009 CanadaEast Interactive, Brunswick News Inc.
Author: Russell Barth
Page: A4


Every time the police tear out one grow-op, they make the 90-95 per
cent of grow-ops they will never catch all that much more valuable. In
this way, they are subsidizing the dealers they don't catch.

They know this, too, because all science and history on the subject
supports this. It leads me to wonder just which side of the law these
guys are really on. If the police really cared about reducing crime
and drug use and protecting public safety, they would lobby for
legalized regulation.

But instead, they lobby for more cops, more powers, more jails, longer
sentences, and reduced civil rights and liberties for the general
population. They are keen to tell the public that only more
prohibition will solve the problems caused by prohibition. I think it
is pretty clear who's side they are on - their own!

Russell Barth Federally Licensed Medical Marijuana User Patients
Against Ignorance and Discrimination on Cannabis