Pubdate: Wed, 2 Dec 2009
Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)
Copyright: 2009 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Author: Dan Linn


I hope lawmakers in Springfield, Ill., will pass medical cannabis
legislation, Senate Bill 1381 and House Bill 2514. Until then,
patients will have to turn to the criminal market to get such medicine.

Recently, the American Medical Association called for a review of the
scheduling of cannabis, at the same time stating that it was not
endorsing states' medical cannabis programs. The Department of Justice
has ended raids on law-abiding patients and caregivers, making good on
President Barack Obama's promise to stop interfering with states that
have legally protected medical cannabis patients. That Illinois and
Missouri have not protected these vulnerable citizens is astonishing
and downright cruel.

One objection to medical cannabis is that it is not approved by the
Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has classified cannabis as one
of the most dangerous substances by its schedule one status. While
changing the scheduling is a step in the right direction, patients
need safe and legal access to this medicine now.

Illinois residents should contact their state lawmakers and urge them
to pass this much-needed legislation. Illness does not know political
party lines, and patients are not criminals.

Dan Linn -- Chicago

Executive Director, Illinois Cannabis Patients Assocociation