Pubdate: Sun, 18 Jan 2009
Source: El Paso Times (TX)
Copyright: 2009 El Paso Times
Author: John Armstrong

Editor's note: The Times received many letters concerning the City 
Council resolution including language about discussing legalization 
of drugs. Some of these were written before the resolution veto was upheld.


Reluctantly, it must be said the vote by El Paso City Council 
representatives to discuss legalizing drugs makes sense. Prohibition 
in the 1930s did not work, nor will the continued criminalization of 
drugs work in today's society.

People are going to use drugs whether legal or illegal, and we may as 
well accept this fact as much as we may dislike it.

Taking the profitability out of selling drugs will reduce or 
eliminate drug-related violence, though other societal problems come 
about as a result. Legalize drugs, make them affordable, and tax them 
for sources of revenue instead of letting the drug cartels reap huge profits.

The U.S. isn't winning the war on drugs and the problem only worsens 
despite the huge federal and state budgets combating their use and 
importation into this country.

This is an ugly way of dealing with the issue and it appears we have 
run out of options. Going down the present path of fighting drugs 
will only result in bigger law-enforcement budgets, increased prison 
populations and the associated violence.

To date, this nation's efforts to combat drugs has not made the 
problem go away and it only continues to grow.

John Armstrong

West El Paso
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