Pubdate: Fri, 13 Nov 2009
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2009 Summit Daily News
Author: Stan White


Re.: "Welcome to Breckendam," letters Nov. 10

Jim Cowles exposes one of the major reasons otherwise fine citizens 
support the discrimination America knows as cannabis (marijuana) 
prohibition. That's the U.S. government, and in this case the 
propaganda delivery system is the website Jim cited, the National 
Institute on Drug Abuse. Citizens have access to the most ridiculous, 
discredited information available on cannabis simply by going to 
government information sources. But citizens also have the choice of 
examining respected peer-reviewed scientific, medical research for the truth.

Cowles, like so many other cannabis prohibitionists asks, "What about 
the children and youth?" Well, after being lied to, deceived and 
harmed by America's ignorant cannabis laws, they have done their 
homework Now, those children and youth of the last few decades are 
the very people who are voting in large numbers to halt the nonsense. 
The more cannabis prohibitionists brainwash lies to children and 
youth, the faster cannabis prohibition will end.

So, did I catch that right? Cannabis is a drug (not to be confused 
with a plant)? Government should cage cannabis users? Cannabis kills 
brain cells and causes brain damage, sexual impotence, the gateway 
theory, causes cancer, and has no medical value. People who use 
cannabis can't have a relationship with God? Allowing free American 
farmers to grow hemp is wrong and dangerous? Cannabis is as dangerous 
as heroin and both should be labeled Schedule I substances?

Those kids in grade school, middle school and high school are going 
to receive the truth. It would be best if it came from their parents.

Citizens who wish to learn more about cannabis and how cannabis 
prohibition harms earth, families, public safety, public health, 
threatens global financial stability, causes violence, diminished 
rights, causes jobs to be shipped overseas, causes increased prison 
spending at the expense of education, causes increased alcoholism 
etc. may start by visiting websites by the Marijuana Policy Project, Media Awareness Project, 
Cannabis News or the endless other sources 
working to end the senseless cagings.

Stan White Dillon
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