Pubdate: Tue, 17 Nov 2009
Source: Contra Costa Times (CA)
Copyright: 2009 Bay Area News Group
Author: Glenn White


Josh Richman writes in his article "Cannabis crossroads" (Times, Nov.
1) that law enforcement officials claim drug abuse and crime will 
increase if marijuana
prohibition is ended.

In Amsterdam, where marijuana isn't prohibited, statistics comparing
Dutch and U.S. children trying marijuana are 40 percent for American
children and 22 percent for Dutch children.

Drug deaths are 38 per million in the United States, compared to 2.4
per million in Amsterdam. That is a kill ratio of 15.8 to 1 against
saving American lives.

Additionally, future tax savings may be realized by cutting law
enforcement budgets when we consider Dutch homicide rates of 1.2 per
million against our 5.6 per million.

Killings over drug deals demonstrate how prohibition motivates
homicide instead of deterrence.

Prohibition, not marijuana, generates crime. So why does law
enforcement generally support prohibition?

Law enforcement generally supports prohibition because they are the
primary financial beneficiaries.

This huge wealth transfer of hard-earned tax dollars from average
California workers to highly paid unionized law enforcement officials
pretending to stop marijuana explains law enforcement's support for
prohibition despite prohibition's history and statistics showing
prohibition increases crime, gang activity, health risks and debt for
taxpayers and the public.

Limit government, not liberty.

Glenn White

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