Pubdate: Tue, 01 Dec 2009
Source: Meadow Lake Progress (CN SN)
Copyright: 2009 Osprey Media
Author: Wayne Phillips


Dear Editor,

Regarding editorial "Community needs to help youth be addiction 
aware" of November 20, 2009.

If communities need to help youth be "addiction aware" it can only be 
because after 86 years of drug policy dysfunction it is now 
abundantly clear that prohibition is never going to safeguard youth 
or the community at large. That's because Parliament still hasn't 
collectively amassed either the aptitude, fortitude, level of 
sophistication, or the integrity to craft a viable drug policy 
package for Canadians; Canada's "medical marijuana" program is a 
prime example of that.

It's also apparent that the provinces are more than willing to go 
along with the feds on this and even though rationalizing addiction 
without considering the impact imposed upon the individual, the 
family and the community in an environment lorded over by organized 
crime merely normalizes dysfunction and dependencies, it's still 
business as usual. This is not good regardless of the level of 
intervention on the streets.

Considering past policies of the Government of Saskatchewan have not 
reflected well on Canada one would think that the province would be 
reluctant to present anything concerning addiction without regarding 
it in relation to prohibition itself. Not so. Addictions Awareness 
carries on without any apparent consideration of the impacts imposed 
upon the individual, the family and the community in a environment 
already made toxic by government intervention.

When stakeholders (and concerned others) would rather patronize, 
present lies, scare tactics, sentimentalities or innuendo (posed) as 
"messages" about addiction, aside from indulging in their own 
advantage and agenda, they're authenticating the denial of that which 
pertains to the actual costs of drug prohibition and those who profit 
from it, what does that say about those who purport to be there for the youth?

Wayne Phillips

Hamilton, Ontario
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