Pubdate: Fri, 30 Jan 2009
Source: Press of Atlantic City, The (NJ)
Copyright: 2009 South Jersey Publishing Co.
Author: James Roche


The Jan. 19 column by Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini, R-Monmouth,
"Medical marijuana is a dangerous step," was misleading.

A recent compilation of peer-reviewed medical studies regarding
medical-marijuana use showed about 48 percent in favor of its use, 34
percent neither pro or con and only 18 percent opposed. That's not
the impression one would get from Angelini.

She also gave us a list of the possible negative effects of marijuana
use. This list may sound vaguely familiar since similar effects are
on the warning labels of many prescription drugs found at your local 

She also is concerned that this legislation will send a troubling
message to our youth. What is the difference in the message between
physician-prescribed marijuana and any other potentially harmful
physician-prescribed drug?

She doesn't like the fact that marijuana is "ingested" by smoking. A
lot of kids with asthma should be glad she doesn't get to vote on
existing drugs that are inhaled.

Angelini doesn't think the Legislature should be answering questions
about the use and effectiveness of medicine. I agree. This bill
should pass, and let the doctors make medical decisions regarding the
medical use of marijuana.

James Roche

Egg Harbor Township
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