Pubdate: Fri, 11 Dec 2009
Source: Star-News (NC)
Copyright: 2009 Wilmington Morning Star
Author: Patrick ODell


Dear Editor,

In light of other states joining the war on chronic disabilities by
legalizing Medical Marijuana I would like to voice concern that NC
will not take this need seriously. I am a long time sufferer of
Migraines and other disabilities that warrant the use of pain
medications and medicines that help my mental conditions. Along with
the many medications I take, there are many side effects that bother
me. Most of the side effects can be treated by the use of medical
marijuana but at this time can't because it is illegal. NC already has
Marinol on the market, which is a chemists' version of THC, the main
chemical in marijuana. If they could take the other chemicals in
marijuana and put in to the same pill I feel it would work even
better, however, allowing us to smoke the natural herb would be more
beneficial than taking chemicals on top of the other chemicals we
already take for our illnesses and pain. What would it hurt? No one
who is sick and can benefit. It has more uses, medic! ally than
alcohol yet it is legal to drink and get high. It is far more
effective than cigarettes but they are legal as well. It would seem
that we have an upside down approval because cigarettes and booze have
no medicinal purposes whatsoever. I would just like to add the
following question, what kind of representation do we have when they
will not vote for us to have some relief from our disabilities?

Patrick ODell

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