Pubdate: Thu, 17 Dec 2009
Source: Nanaimo News Bulletin (CN BC)
Copyright: 2009, BC Newspaper Group
Author: Howard Wooldridge

Repealing drug prohibition law would reduce crime by half

To the Editor,

Re: Most criminal activity starts with drug issues, Dec. 5.

With all due respect to RCMP Const. Gary O'Brien, he did a disservice to
readers and his badge when he stated drugs are the reason for 85 per cent
of crime issues.

Most of us in 2009 know that it is drug prohibition which causes 85 per
cent of crime issues. The deadliest drug in Canada, tobacco, generates
zero crime. The sale of the second deadliest drug, alcohol, results in
zero crime.

As a detective, a solid 75 per cent of my felony crime caseload was caused
by prohibition, from home burglary to armed robbery.

As a student of history, I know that repealing prohibition laws would
result in a 50-per cent or more drop in serious crime. So does O'Brien.

Howard Wooldridge

Washington, DC
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