Pubdate: Wed, 23 Dec 2009
Source: Corvallis Gazette-Times (OR)
Copyright: 2009 Lee Enterprises
Author: Ed Glick


Few in the medical marijuana movement would deny the  police 
assertion that some growers are abusing the  medical marijuana law. 
The issue of greater importance  is the legal status of an herb that 
many people are  willing to pay outrageous prices for.

As well, "carpet-bagging" of profiteers who care little  for the 
welfare of patients fuels the recreational  cannabis market, while 
supplying desperate patients  with some medicine.

But that is the problem: How can farmers be expected to  cultivate a 
product worth $300 an ounce in a capitalist  society, then give it 
away for free?

The economic forces of supply and demand will continue  to suck the 
life out of the medical marijuana movement  until there is outright 
legalization that removes  obscene profits. Law enforcement has 
proposed  elimination of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program 
and  are pushing their version of a cure: Eliminate the OMMA  and 
give everyone pharmaceuticals.

Put the rest in jail. They have an agenda, and it does  not dignify 
suffering people.

Until cannabis is regulated as a commercial commodity,  the abuses of 
unscrupulous growers will continue, as  will the prison industrial complex.

In the mean time, Initiative 28 offers a regulated,  monitored and 
intelligent alternative to the "Wild  West" commercialization of 
medical marijuana that  Oregon (and especially California) is struggling with.

Ed Glick


Voter Power Foundation

Editor's note: Voter Power Foundation, based in  Portland, advocates 
on matters regarding use of medical  marijuana.
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