Pubdate: Wed, 23 Dec 2009
Source: Valley Echo, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2009 The Valley Echo
Author: Judith Renaud


Educators for Sensible Drug Policy is an organization of educators 
devoted to facts about Canadian drug policy in our schools and communities.

Bill C-15 is not helping educators to do their jobs.

The government is setting a dangerous precedent of how to teach for 
failure rather than success.

The government is sending a message to our educators that 'kids don't matter'.

Our government wants to prescribe drug education that is both 
dangerous and futile.

Our government wants educators to teach Canadian youth that it is 
acceptable to be liars, act violently and mistrust those in power.

Experience with alcohol prohibition shows that legalization, 
regulation and taxation can not only put the government in control of 
all drugs but can also create the framework to help keep the drugs 
out of the hands of our youth.

The government is teaching our youth that failed policies are 
acceptable. Our government is failing our youth.

Educators are now apologizing for their government's lack of education.

Responsible educators must now walk a minefield of government inaccuracies.

We encourage the government to put a stop to Bill C-15 if you want 
children to grow up and vote for you.

Prohibition of drugs is a complete and total failure!

Youth know it and are questioning why the government does not know 
it. Educators want to teach that it is better to be "safe than sorry".

As a parent and grandparent I will discourage any school that 
supports and encourages misinformation about drug use and abuse.

As a taxpayer I want these public funds to go towards reality based 
scientific drug education programs for my daughters and their children.

My family, like every Canadian family, deserves the best in drug 
education programs backed by the preponderance of available science.

And, to be a true Canadian, it will be to show outrage at the 
government's approach that appears to be enriching gangsters, 
creating and sustaining more violence in our communities and being 
ignorant to the cause.

Do we as Canadians want to support failed drug policies which reflect 
American drug war propaganda?

Judith Renaud M.A., Executive Director, Educators for Sensible Drug 
Policy Gibsons, B.C.
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