Pubdate: Thu, 24 Dec 2009
Source: Northwest Herald (IL)
Copyright: 2009 Northwest Herald Newspapers
Author: Robert Day


As simple as some things are in life, there are others that are not just a
fight, they are a belief in what is right and something that is humane.
With all of my children, I have had to choose which hills to die on, and
giving in on the hills I thought ridiculous for me to defend.

Our country is at a crossroads right now. There are many hills we march
our armed forces into and tell them, "defend this hill to the death." We
will take a stand right here and as a result, people will live and enjoy
their American freedom because of those who sacrificed.

When we think about our older citizens who worked so hard all of their
life. Think about a friend or someone you know in severe pain or who
cannot eat. Those who fought for our freedom, those who worked very hard
all their life. To our brothers and sisters who are sick.

Defending the hill of medical marijuana is not one to die on, it is one
that many patients can live and enjoy a better way of life. Set aside our
reefer madness fears and really take a good look at medical marijuana.

Say yes to Senate bill 1381.

Robert Day

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