Pubdate: Thu, 17 Dec 2009
Source: Illinois Times (IL)
Copyright: 2009 Yesse Communications
Author:  Tom Ansell


Forced DUI blood draws have been happening around the country. The
issue has now made it to Springfield. Strong opinions exist on both
sides of the issue. Please consider these questions as you think about
the type of country we should have.

Should we force blood draws on all people for the war on drugs? It
could save lives. Should we force open all homes for mandatory
searches for the war on drugs, terror or any other criminal activity?
It could save lives. Should we mandate doctors to search all people
medically for crime? Let's deputize the medical industry. Prescription
drug abuse, unapproved medicine, risky behavior, all could be criminal.

We are concerned about a slippery slope. The presumption of innocence
may be morphing into a more foreign standard where everyone is suspect
and everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

The Sangamon County Libertarians have grave concerns about the recent
forced blood draws. We understand the problems of balancing freedom
and safety. We hope to work with community leaders in addressing some
concerns. We will seek to have a positive working relationship with
the local political parties. Our goal is to promote freedom,
prosperity and understanding.

Tom Ansell

Sangamon County Libertarians
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