Pubdate: Sun, 08 Feb 2009
Source: North County Times (Escondido, CA)
Copyright: 2009 North County Times
Author: Frank Straw


In regards to Judy Carter's letter of Feb. 3: On March 9, it will be
six years since my wife lost her battle to metastasizing breast
cancer. She had years of chemotherapy sessions. They cause a nausea
that is unyielding.

Her nausea was beyond control with any prescription that is available
at the pharmacy. Her weight plummeted from a robust 140 pounds to 69
pounds. We were running out of options for her.

I asked our oncologist to prescribe medicinal marijuana. Within one
week, her nausea was under control; within three weeks, she was
putting weight back on. We got her weight up to 99 pounds Why? Because
medicinal marijuana is a good anti-nausea medicine and appetite stimulator.

Sadly, we lost her a few months later. I thank God that she didn't
have to starve to death. So next time you think it's the kids that you
worry about, think of the cancer patients. Think that their only
relief is the use of a drug that has been found to be helpful in
restoring appetite and reducing nausea.

The supervisors were dead wrong on their position. But don't worry,
Judy, the youth of our county will still find their marijuana on the
streets, where they have always found it.

Frank Straw

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