Pubdate: Tue, 10 Feb 2009
Source: Calgary Sun, The (CN AB)
Copyright: 2009 The Calgary Sun
Author: J.D. Lape
Note: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor.


Why do I hear the constant refrain, we can't legalize "pot?" Does it
not follow that the next line should be, we need to keep criminals
employed? What in the world is going on? Why do we feel that by
legalizing, we would have a worse mess than our current policy? At the
present time, the drug trade is controlled by outlaws. Is this what a
free society needs? Before you tell anyone that we are protecting
children, think. Do criminals ask for age ID? Do they control strength
or purity? Do they ever try to entice your little darling to try
something a lot "better?" That has never happened when I have ordered
a six-pack. And think about the taxes collected instead of flushing
billions down an unproductive toilet. So the next time someone tells
me, "we can't legalize," I'm going to ask, why do you continue to
support an ongoing criminal enterprise?

J.D. Lape

(Nobody said anything about supporting a criminal enterprise. That's
the farthest thing from the minds of law-abiding citizens.)
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