Pubdate: Fri, 20 Feb 2009
Source: Des Plaines Journal (IL)
Copyright: 2009 The Journal & Topics Newspapers
Author: Dan Linn


Lawmakers should turn to regulating and taxing cannabis to help with
struggling budgets. It is amazing that nobody even mentions or
considers it when it is a budding market to be taxed and regulated.
Currently in its illegal form, drug dealers, organized crime and large
drug cartels profit financially from the sales and consumption of
cannabis. The same was true during alcohol prohibition. The time has
come for America to end our policy of arresting and incriminating
adults who use marijuana responsibly. Use it recklessly, endanger
others and one should be punished accordingly but for those adults who
use it responsibly they should be able to purchase it legally just
like alcohol, tobacco or pornography. Literally, billions of dollars
could be made in tax revenue and costs saved by not arresting and
imprisoning these adults. Last year there were over 800,000 arrests
for cannabis, a plant. Imagine how many people did not get arrested
and then consider what so many have said for years. Legalize it.

Dan Linn
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