Pubdate: Sat, 07 Mar 2009
Source: Maui News, The (HI)
Copyright: 2009 The Maui News
Author: Jennifer Slater


First of all, who are you to say pot advocates are the ones who are
misguided (Letters, Feb. 25)? I don't recall hearing about anyone
being so stoned that they killed someone or driving too fast and
losing control of their vehicle. Those are mostly alcohol- and hard

If someone gets too stoned, they don't usually leave the house. I
would much rather see a marijuana epidemic than the ice problem we
have on this island. I don't think kids should smoke it, but I would
rather my child come home stoned than drunk. Kids drink by the way;
some parents let them. Should we stop promoting the sale of alcohol
because kids might drink?

What if you or someone you loved had AIDS or cancer and the only thing
that helped promote an appetite was smoking pot? Would you just not
smoke it because of the unproven accusations of it being bad for you?
I think too many people underestimate the healing power of this
natural, not chemically altered "drug."

And by the way, The Maui News is a newspaper, it reports the news. You
can have your own opinion, as we all do, but you don't have the right
to ask to keep others in the dark about something you don't agree with.

Jennifer Slater

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