Pubdate: Fri, 27 Mar 2009
Source: Standard-Examiner (UT)
Copyright: 2009 Ogden Publishing Corporation
Author: Roger Carrier


The greatest nightmare of the drug lords is the legalization of drugs
in the United States. Every night, they pray that we will continue our
stupid policies. That said, I want it noted that I do not smoke,
drink, or use drugs. I'm a health nut, and I believe that all drugs
are harmful.

But the stupid war on drugs is putting every American at risk! Ninety
percent of all burglaries are for the purpose of getting money for
drugs. Most shootings and murders are also tied to drugs. By making
them illegal, we keep the price high and force people to steal to
supply their addiction.

Very few users want to commit crimes. They do it to get the drug. If
they could get their fix for a minimal cost, they would not commit
those crimes.

What we need are clinics all over America where you can register your
name, watch a ten-minute anti-drug film, sign a liability release, and
then be allowed to purchase for five dollars any drug that you want.
We would be in a position to steer people away from the worst drugs
and reduce disease.

I know a woman who smokes one half of a marijuana cigarette each night
before bed. She has a job and pays taxes. Someday she is going to be
arrested, lose her job, and the taxpayers are going pay the double
bill of jail and lost taxes. Marijuana use has damaged her memory, but
can I stop her from smoking that garbage? No.

State-run drug clinics would not solve all drug problems, but they
would be many times better than what we have now--a war on innocent
non-drug-using Americans.

Roger Carrier

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