Pubdate: Fri, 27 Mar 2009
Source: Concord Monitor (NH)
Copyright: 2009 Monitor Publishing Company
Author: Barbara Filleul


I am writing in support of House Bill 648 regarding the  use of
medical marijuana.

Having had two cancer surgeries and one full course of  radiation and
chemotherapy, and having witnessed the  grueling and untimely death of
a family member and  close friend, I want my physicians to have every 
available medicine, including marijuana, to relieve my  suffering. I
do not want to endure what I have seen  unfold in death throes,
unassisted by what could have  had beneficial effects, including
medical marijuana  prescribed by the doctors in charge.

I have been present at two hearings in House committees  and have
received an education in the chemistry of the  beneficial effects of
medical marijuana from  knowledgeable physicians. I have also
witnessed  democracy at work as persons of conscience struggled  with
this issue. As a patient likely to have a  foreshortened life, I would
like to have this relief  available to me.

I urge legislators to vote yes to HB 648. This is a  kind and humane
vote to help a vulnerable population.

Barbara Filleul

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