Pubdate: Thu, 21 May 2009
Source: Union, The (Grass Valley, CA)
Copyright: 2009 The Union
Author: Carole Chapman


I to have approached the Police Chief City council about opening a
medical marijuana clinic here in Grass Valley. Sick people who need
their medical marijuana have to drive to Colfax or Sacramento, which
have the closes clinics to get their medicine. Does this make sense?
Medical marijuana is legal under California law, voted in by 80
percent of California voters.

Our "governator" is now debating whether or not to legalize marijuana
without any restrictions, which I hope makes everyone realize medical
marijuana is already legal under Prop. 215, and the Attorney General
of California has definite guidelines on operating procedures
concerning medical marijuana clinics.

By regulating taxing this medicine, the city of Grass Valley would
have a new source of revenue and help keep the local monies in our

With all due respect, Mr. Trovato, Ms. Ferguson argument: They oppose
these clinics because they attract a certain element of people? What
do they have against sick people?

It is the same old argument over and over again, when the actual facts
prove them wrong.

Councilman Delfino of Placer County said the medical marijuana
dispensary has, in fact, had no problems, and that the clinic does
support local events. This is true in other counties across California.

Now is the time to be smart about this cannabis issue, as it is not
going away and the longer Nevada County drags its feet, the longer
local people have to suffer!

Carole Chapman

Grass Valley 
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