Pubdate: Tue, 2 Jun 2009
Source: Province, The (CN BC)
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Author: Kirk Tousaw


Re: Pot grower happy home's hers, May 31

North Vancouver Fire Chief Barrie Penman thinks that no matter the
size or sophistication, all indoor marijuana production pose a "fatal
risk." This is absolutely ludicrous. Indoor marijuana production can
be conducted safely, in conformity with all municipal bylaws regulated
safe construction, electricity and plumbing. Marijuana is,
essentially, grown like all other plants. There is no necessary
function difference between an indoor marijuana garden and an indoor
produce garden. And there is an entire industry focusing on indoor
growing of crops.

Is my grandmother's indoor tomato garden a "fatal risk" to her? I can
only conclude Penman's remarks are meant to intentionally mislead the
public. Shamefully using fear to make ideological points does nobody
any good. And even if Penman's patently false comments were true the
only possible solution is to get marijuana production into the hands
of farmers and legitimate business people in a legal, regulated and
controlled environment.

Kirk Tousaw, Vancouver
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