Pubdate: Mon, 15 Jun 2009
Source: Ashland Daily Tidings (OR)
Copyright: 2009 Ashland Daily Tidings
Author: Sean Lawlor Nelson


As an Ashland native, poet and SOU alumnus, I'd like to address a 
controversial issue "| and one which symbolizes a cultural decline 
taking place in our community and in America at large.

The use of psychedelics has been a key aspect of many historical 
renaissances as well as artistic innovations like the paintings of 
Van Gogh and the music of The Beatles (not to mention the 
almost-established use of a certain Shakespeare).

For all this, the federal laws of the land of the free not only 
prohibit psychedelics but attach ruthless penalties to possession of 
small quantities.

And many "liberal" Americans (who, like Van Gogh, listen to The 
Beatles and appreciate Shakespeare) sit in silence while peaceful 
trippers are sentenced to long terms in Nazi-style jails where 
crowding, abuse by guards and rape are all too common.

There's less and less discussion of the issue, even as many former 
"flower children" become more and more part of the greed machine.

Sean Lawlor Nelson

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