Pubdate: Fri, 24 Jul 2009
Source: Maui News, The (HI)
Copyright: 2009 The Maui News
Author: Mark Santos


The topics of today's conversation at work, with neighbors, family 
and friends are layoffs, budgets, government waste, access to medical 
marijuana and what's up with wasting all this time and money trying 
to rid Maui of Maui Wowee.

It is time to resolve these issues with aloha! Aloha to the real 
patients who need marijuana, to the farmers who could grow organic 
food crops along with the medical crop, to the laid-off state workers 
who will keep their jobs from the tax revenue. And, even a little 
aloha to the police by prioritizing the laws which we ask them to enforce.

Does California have more aloha for its residents than Maui does? 
California has been addressing these issues all along. Hawaii was the 
first state to have medical marijuana laws and has made no changes 
since June 2000. We can learn from other states' successes and 
mistakes, or be left behind.

It is time that all sides come together and talk about their personal 
positions so that we might know what we agree on and what we need to 
debate. It is time to ask our elected officials to work for us!

If we all express our views together we may find that we are not that 
far apart. The time will come when you will be asked your personal 
views. We need to find where the mayor, the County Council members 
and our new police chief stand.

Either the people or the elected officials or both must address these 
issues and act. Remember, we have the right to vote!

Mark Santos

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