Pubdate: Fri, 07 Aug 2009
Source: Prince George Free Press (CN BC)
Copyright: 2009 BC Newspaper Group
Author: Russell Barth



Re: Time to put 'just' back in justice, (Free Press, July 31).

What a load of balderdash.

"The law is the law, nothing more, nothing less." Nonsense. We cannot 
obey laws blindly, simply because they are laws. We are obligated, as 
citizens of a democracy, to challenge, bend, break, and otherwise 
change unjust laws. To do less is cowardice, and our drug laws are 
the most unjust and counterproductive laws we have.

"Our laws are the rules we have allowed our government, with our consent."

More nonsense. The laws against the possession of marijuana, for 
example, came into effect in 1923 as an amendment to the Opium Tax 
Act of 1908. There was never any debate about it, it was done as part 
of parliamentary "housekeeping." The public didn't want it, and it 
served no purpose.

"Fair or not, they are the laws until we change them through 
legitimate political action." When that fails, civil disobedience 
becomes necessary. Unfair laws must be broken.

"If an individual is dealing drugs, they are a criminal." This should 
include the junk food merchants. Junk food kills many times more 
Canadians each year than all illegal drugs combined. But junk food is 
"legal" therefore it is "acceptable." Piffle and hokum.

"Decent people should not live in fear." True enough. I am a decent 
person, but I live in constant fear of the police and the 'justice' 
system because I use marijuana for medical purposes. I have a license 
from Health Canada, but as we have seen, the police in this country 
break the laws about as often as the criminals they are supposed to 
be fighting.

Victor Bowman's message is clear: Accept the fact that you are a 
slave, owned and controlled by your government and their Kafka-esque 
"justice" system. Luckily for the government, they have obedient 
little robots like Bowman to shill their snake oil.

Russell Barth

Federally Licensed Medical Marijuana User Patients Against Ignorance 
and Discrimination on Cannabis
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