Pubdate: Thu, 13 Aug 2009
Source: Annapolis County Spectator; The (CN NS)
Copyright: 2009 Transcontinental Nova Scotia Media Group inc.
Author: John Cook


While I commend Mr. Chambers and Sgt. Furer for their concern and
diligence in protecting the public from dangers such as those
mentioned in the article (booby traps, etc...).  I disagree with their
generalization of cannabis farmers.

All of the individuals I know who are producing cannabis for their own
consumption - be it medical or social use - with any abundance used to
secure a small amount of income to provide for their families.
Generally, even those producing for profit are non-violent,
family-oriented persons, with safety of all members of society being a
top priority. For the organizations that the two gentlemen described
in the article - there is a real danger.  Although the percentages are
small, it is of paramount importance.

We are well aware of the person(s) using such tactics are members of
organized crime (as stated in discussion paper BCMP 2007), threaten
all of society and are increasing in numbers across Canada.  I would
suggest our immediate attention should be focused on this area instead
of the massive resources used to prosecute medical and smaller
cannabis farmers - which I am privy to all too often.  Reduction in
"gang" related activity would certainly reduce "violent crime"
drastically and truly protect all of us, including those entrusted
with eradicating these needless acts.

The only solution to effectively deal with any type of drug abuse is
to remove criminal sanctions, treat it as a Health issue, and for
those who choose to participate in the consumption of cannabis, also
remove criminal sanctions and treat it as an Agricultural issue.
Unfortunately in today's political climate where common sense is not
so common, we can always hope.

John Cook

CBCofC Director, Halifax Outlet and, Vice-Chair & Co-Founder
Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana (MUMM) 
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